Monday, November 3, 2014

Has the change in the weather got your allergies acting up?

When the colder weather hits it is time to start using that furnace again.  You might notice that this can make you sneeze, cough, and even start wheezing.  No one likes to be stuffed up and miserable, but what you might not know is that dust and allergens settling in your air ducts are the culprit.

Heating ducts have all summer long to sit and accumulate allergens and dust and when the fall weather hits they get forced into your family’s breathing air with the use of your furnace.  This can make you feel congested and perhaps run down.  Keeping the breathing air in your home as clean as possible is helpful to keeping you and your family feeling good.

Some helpful tips to keeping your heating ducts clear of dust and allergens is to get them routinely cleaned.  Hire a professional to come in before you start using your furnace to remove the dust and allergens.  If possible, make sure when they are being cleaned you arrange to leave for a few hours.  Having the heating ducts cleaned can cause a lot of dust and mold particles to be released and this can be harmful to your body.

Also, another helpful tip is to use HEPA filters in your furnace to help eliminate the production of allergens in your home.  These specialty filters are formulated to catch allergens from entering your environment.  Filters should be changed every month if you are still using the 1” pleated filter, and if you are using the 3” filter then it should be changed every three months.

If you would like to know more, click on the following link about Allergies (Check Your Furnace)

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